Felix Mauch, CEO, P. & A. Mauch

„Good news: our Notified Body has accepted the biocompatibility report. With great thanks and respect for the excellent work!"


„Thank you very much, dear inmedis team! You have supported us at all times in a goal-oriented manner! It was a very pleasant cooperation!"

Sebastian Weibel, Director of Production Engineering, Medela AG

“Thanks to the very competent support, the area of process validation has been significantly improved and has gained a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency. With the practical experience and the sound technical understanding, the support and coaching in the implementation was equally successful. At the same time it was never forgotten to involve the people, which led to a high level of acceptance."

Erich Kleinhappl, Vice President, ndd Medical Technologies

“Thanks to the exciting view from the outside, we were able to question our processes and work flows completely unbiased and free. We have also come to know you as outstanding organisational talents who have managed to concentrate on the essentials while not forgetting the human factor. We look toward the future with a lot of commitment and extreme motivation."

Jan Lichtenberg, CEO, insphero AG

„Thanks again from my side for the great support and advice with a sense of proportion. The way you dealt with the topic and made us aware of the important issues efficiently and purposefully was great and we would recommend it anytime!”